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Mark Logic Launches New Corporate Site

By on Jun 6, 2005 in Loud Dog Projects

Mark Logic announced the launch of their new corporate site on Friday, June 3. Designed and programmed by Loud Dog, the site features clean, straightforward design, fully standards-compliant programming and an easy-to-use architecture.

We primarily worked with Ann Smith and Mark Logic’s “three Davids” on this project: David Taber, Mark Logic’s acting VP of Marketing; David Spenhoff, their new VP of Marketing and David Kellog, Mark Logic’s CEO.

Although last minute changes contributed to some long nights, we were able to complete the project on time for the launch of their 3.0 product.

About Mark Logic Corporation

Mark Logic Corporation is the provider of the industry’s leading XML content server. Mark Logic works with providers of information products to accelerate new product creation, deliver products through multiple channels, integrate content from different sources, repurpose content into multiple products, build custom publishing systems, and mine content to find previously undiscovered information. MarkLogic Server does this by enabling companies to query, manipulate, and render XML content using the W3C-standard XQuery language. Designed for high performance and scalability, MarkLogic Server can deliver millisecond response times against multi-terabyte contentbases. Mark Logic is privately held and backed by Sequoia Capital and Lehman Brothers.

About Loud Dog Corporation

Loud Dog Corporation is a leading user-centered design firm based in San Francisco. Loud Dog works with a range of clients to deliver user-centered websites that anticipate customer’s needs, fulfill those needs immediately and achieve our clients’ business objectives.

Our designs are useful, usable and enjoyable. Loud Dog also offer identity and information design, strategy advice and online marketing consulting.

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