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About Loud Dog’s Web Development Services

By on Jun 19, 2007 in Web Engineering

Loud Dog’s web services aren’t limited to fantastic visual design. Web sites built by Loud Dog are top form examples of best practice web development. Front-end web development doesn’t stop at translating a visual design into a functional web site. Our mastery of the web medium makes our web sites useable, accessible, and extensible.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development is a competitive market, and a glance at Craigslist reveals hundreds of individuals offering similar services. All of them can turn a graphic design into a web page, with varying degrees of success. Loud Dog shines at building web sites that expertly accommodate both the technical and visual requirements of the web, including those that aren’t immediately obvious without years of web development experience. Here’s how we do it.

“Standards compliance” is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but Loud Dog gets it right. We code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that displays correctly in all popular web browsers, along with the less well-known (but no less important) browsers some of your site’s visitors have installed on their computers. Our expert knowledge of browser rendering engines, documented bugs and our own research permits Loud Dog to author web pages that reliably display in multiple brands of web browsers, and our in-house browser testing process ensures that all visitors will enjoy a consistent visual experience. Loud Dog’s web sites bend, rather than break, when displayed in nonstandard or obsolete browsers, ensuring that the web site remains completely usable while automatically disabling features that break the page layout or generate confusing errors.

Designing for accessibility – enabling easy access for visitors browsing with alternate technology, including users with disabilities – is standard with all of Loud Dog’s web sites. This includes a design that accommodates text of any size, as well as compatibility with screen readers and input devices other than the traditional keyboard & mouse combination. Accessibility equally benefits visitors using the browsers integrated in today’s latest technology, like cell phones and ultraportable computers. Loud Dog’s web sites meet and exceed government (section 508) accessibility guidelines.

Why do most printed web pages barely resemble their screen counterparts? I get particularly annoyed when a single web page uses multiple pieces of paper. The worst is the last wasted piece of paper that’s blank except for some useless footer links, or maybe just an ad. Loud Dog builds Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that handle not only the web site’s visual display on a monitor, but in print as well. When printed, our web sites automatically ignore elements that aren’t useful on a printed page, like navigation, and transparently reformat the page for an elegant page layout.

Search engine optimization is a requirement for any web site that expects its online traffic to grow. As the science of search continues to evolve, companies that specialize in optimizing web sites for high search engine visibility have crowded the market, all eager to charge thousands of dollars for their proprietary hacks and questionable results. Loud Dog builds web sites that are naturally search engine friendly by exploiting the power of semantic HTML. Literally, semantic HTML applies meaning to the text that makes up your web site’s content, so that search engine algorithms can “read” the site. This organic approach to search engine optimization requires greater skill from the developer who’s writing the site’s HTML, but results in a web site that is highly visible to search engines.

Web sites are destined to grow. Updates and additions are an inevitable part of a successful web site, and over a web site’s lifespan these updates can exceed the cost of the initial site development. Loud Dog’s client-oriented web development minimizes these costs. The public-facing web site is one facet of a complete web presence; a modern web site also empowers the site’s owner with the tools necessary to keep the site fresh by modifying content, adding pages, and uploading images and files. Loud Dog provides easy to use, WYSIWYG web-based tools that don’t require knowledge of HTML or CSS. Our custom content maintenance systems preserve the standards-compliant code, accessibility, and visual elements of the web site as initially conceived, while enabling instant changes whenever necessary. Loud Dog sees content maintenance tools as a necessary part of any successful web site.

On the surface, Loud Dog’s web sites look great with terrific visual design. Behind the scenes, our web sites are built to last.

Hey! This wasn't written by a leash of foxes! It was written by , who does awesome work at Loud Dog, a digital branding firm in San Francisco that helps businesses express themselves authentically via identities, websites, and marketing collateral.

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