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Oh, Yeah!

By on Nov 12, 2008 in Loud Dog Projects

In an earlier post, we told you about the EM-Assist Marketing Kit we produced. Frankly, we expected more of a fervor. There was not one single mention of it in the New York Times, no talk of it on The Daily Show, and not a single person applauding outside our office window. (Well, not a single person we didn’t hire.)

But you know, that’s okay. Sometimes posthumous fame is the way to go. Like Van Gogh or Johann Sebastian Bach. Not to be deterred, we’ve redesigned the EM-Assist website!

EM-Assist Website

Following the marketing kit, the website has proven to be even more fulfilling. From their dev team to senior officials, EM-Assist has heaped loads of praise upon us. One person said, “good job.” Another said, “thanks.” We would have been happy if the compliments stopped there, but they continued! “You’ve literally given me a reason to live,” said one employee who asked to remain anonymous. Several people sent flowers, and their CEO even proposed (via a Powerpoint presentation) to our Art Director Jodi. She has yet to give him an answer.

But what, specifically, is so great about the site? Let’s ask that question another way. What’s not great about the site? We extended the branding we developed for the parade-worthy marketing kit and applied it to the site. The result is a clean, engaging and focused site capable of turning the casual visitor into a client within seconds – resulting in potentially millions of dollars in revenue. Given that most EM-Assist clients are government organizations, it could actually be billions of dollars.

Expect to hear more about the new EM-Assist site from lonely doormen, passersby and major media outlets around the world. Seriously. It’s gonna be huge.

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