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Hadoop World Gets a New Home Online

By on Aug 5, 2011 in Loud Dog Projects, Web Design

If you haven’t yet heard of Hadoop, just keep your ears open. In our neck of the woods it’s a pretty big deal. And by big, we mean “big data” big. We’re pleased to be working with Cloudera, the pioneer startup focused on bringing Apache Hadoop to the enterprise, and we’ve recently teamed up with them to help take their annual conference, Hadoop World, to the next level.

As the conference entered its third year, it needed a new site that would support its growth from a one-day to a two-day event, as well as a large increase in attendance. Furthermore, the site had to appeal to the various conference audiences, including business decision makers, developers, and potential sponsors. The visual design of the new site takes cues from the current Cloudera identity, but is still able to stand on its own.

Loud Dog delivered a microsite built on WordPress, using a structure and design that can be re-used for future conferences. Beyond the basic WordPress installation, we created a conference-specific plug-in that we hope to share with the open source community in the next few months. By including audience-specific calls-to-action on the homepage and the internal pages, we ensured that the site spoke to the target audiences.

With a relatively short-turnaround for the site (about one month), we delivered a comprehensive conference microsite and still managed to work a little fun into the design– check out the Hadoop elephant giving a friendly “hello!” on the left side of the site.

With the site launched, the feedback coming in so far has been nice and warm. Check it out at


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