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Sailing the Open Seas with OpenSFS

By on Dec 19, 2012 in Loud Dog Projects

Congrats to our friends at OpenSFS on the launch of their newly redesigned website.

OpenSFS facilitates vendor-neutral development and promotion of the open-source file systems that support many of the world’s largest and most complex computing environments. Loud Dog worked with the team at OpenSFS to develop a new look and feel that conveys the organization’s potential to transform the HPC (high performance computing) industry.

Inspired by OpenSFS’s role as a sort of guardian or “coast guard” for the industry, we developed a design with a clean, modern nautical theme. Building on this theme, we developed new messaging for the homepage to express the goals and accomplishments of OpenSFS, particularly their focus on Lustre. In addition, we revised the site’s information architecture and streamlined the way similar pieces of content (such as news items or partner organizations) are handled by the content management system.

We really enjoyed working with the OpenSFS team and learning more about the HPC community. We look forward to watching their site’s content evolve as they strive to be the nexus of the vibrant and growing open-source Lustre community. Check out their new site at

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