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Loud Dog Proves Concepts with Standards-Compliant Wedding Website

By on Aug 25, 2004 in Loud Dog Projects

Loud Dog founder Josh’s younger sister Ally is getting married in September, and she asked him to put up a page about the wedding. Getting carried away, it turned into a proving ground for some ideas we’ve been working on.

The entire site is based on a very simple XHTML skeleton, with the look and feel completely defined by the style sheet. All content is controlled with Movable Type, since the Loud Dog CMS isn’t ready yet.

Headline images are dynamically created PNGs, based off the <h1> tags, made using PHP and Javascript, as described in this A List Apart article. We modified the code slightly, but it’s basically the same.

The article’s author, Stewart Rosenberger, recommends not displaying the text while the title images are generated. That didn’t pass Loud Dog muster because it caused the pages’ to shift around as images were inserted. We fooled around with a variety of methods, and finally made the header text the same size as the eventual graphics, and in light gray font. This way it’s pretty obvious that something’s there, but not obtrusive. Additionally, the titles look great if a user has images turned off.

Visit the site at

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