Building love that lasts.

Loud Dog is a multi-disciplinary digital agency in San Francisco that’s serious about creating meaningful brands. Since our founding in 2000, we’ve helped clients navigate traditional and emerging media and build lasting emotional connections with their audiences.

Digital is traditional.
Traditional is digital.

Loud Dog was born and grew up in the digital age, and we don't actively distinguish between traditional and digital marketing roles. New channels for communicating with customers emerge everyday and expectations of existing channels are constantly changing. Today's traditional marketing is digital, and we approach branding with a digital-first, mobile-first mentality.

Engagement-specific teams

For over a decade Loud Dog has built one of the industry's leading networks of collaborators and professionals - individuals with whom we've worked on dozens of projects over a span of years.

For every engagement, Loud Dog’ core team provides dedicated account and project management, and strategic, creative, and technical leadership to a team of 5-25 seasoned professionals who are specifically chosen for each project’s unique requirements.

What’s a Loud Dog?

A Loud Dog is the one that gets heard. Plain and simple. We chose the name to reflect what we do for our clients—help them be heard above the background noise. Our clients don’t want to curl up in the corner, they want to be in the mix, get noticed, and be remembered. We make that happen.

Loud Dog

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