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Why hire an Information Designer?

By on Apr 14, 2005 in Web Design

I recently saw a prominent blogger post a request for “diagramming software.” He wants to illustrate a concept for a book he’s writing. This is a good thing: diagrams and illustrations are particularly adept at communicating complex concepts; while scenes and emotions can be communicated through words alone (frequently poetry is more emotive than a picture), when it comes to a concepts, a diagram can make the difference between a logical maze and clear communication.

If diagrams and illustrations are so critical to communication, why do so many excellent writers take it upon themselves to create their own diagrams, rather than using someone trained in that art? Perhaps the question would be better phrased, why should someone with a good idea hire an information designer to communicate the idea?

  1. The process itself can help clarify the idea. The process of explaining the idea to a relatively unversed designer can help you further prepare the idea for communication.
  2. An experienced information designer will understand how people read and understand diagrams. Experienced designers draw upon a rich understanding of how people interact with visual representations.
  3. A designer will have the tools required and know how to use them most effectively. By involving a designer, the person with the idea can concentrate on getting it right rather than struggling to learn a new software package – or not using it to its fullest extent.

Obviously not every diagram needs a trained designer – but when it’s important, it makes business sense to hire someone that will do the best job. Just like an experienced writer will improve the communication of your concept, so will an experienced designer.

Incidentally, Loud Dog offers Information Design services, and we are exceptionally well at communicating complex concepts through simple designs.

Hey! This wasn't written by a gang of elk! It was written by , who does awesome work at Loud Dog, a digital branding firm in San Francisco that helps businesses express themselves authentically via identities, websites, and marketing collateral.

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