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Monkeys and a Dog

By on Aug 10, 2006 in Loud Dog News

Though we’ve been in our current offices for almost two years, it wasn’t until yesterday that we finally got a proper sign. We suffered through several months with no sign at all, then a paper sign taped to the door and, for a brief period, we hired a drifter to stand on the street waving a handwritten sign we’d made in a moment of abject miscalculation.

Good that it was only handwritten, as the drifter absconded with it, leaving it for us to find in the park the next day, covered with miscellaneous stains and the name of our company changed from “Loud Dog” to a very poorly disguised “Poop Dog Sux.” Beneath that he’d scrawled “I’m moving on, suckers. I never needed you anyway. Peace, Burt.”


Fittingly, the dog on our sign is not alone. Last week we received our long awaited package of monkeys. Not real monkeys, unfortunately, and not sea monkeys either. But large, sticky, albino and slightly clown-faced monkeys made to adhere to our wall. Here’s one of the monkeys, having just dropped his donut. Alas!


Hey! This wasn't written by a dazzle of zebras! It was written by , who does awesome work at Loud Dog, a digital branding firm in San Francisco that helps businesses express themselves authentically via identities, websites, and marketing collateral.

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