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By on Dec 21, 2006 in Loud Dog Culture

Recently we gathered to eat it and drink it as we celebrated not only the holidays, but our continued growth as a company. It was a surreal evening as our normal attire of potato sacks for shirts, rope belts and sweatpants became ties, jackets, blouses and in one case, a velvet cloak!

Staff members were met by their significant others as we feasted upon the bodies of both yummy animals and yummy plants, cooked by the chefs of The Slanted Door. It was a decadent yet humble affair, filled with laughter, no balloons, smiles, gifts, more laughter, thumb wrestling, real wrestling and then some surprise ponies. Sadly the restaurant made us remove the ponies (something about health code violations and frightened patrons).

All in all it was the kind of thing that makes one happy to be a part of Loud Dog. And those who are not a part of Loud Dog are left with a sadness similar to the one caused by the realization that Santa is actually mommy’s new boyfriend, Walt. Which explains why Santa never got you anything and stole your lunch money.

Here we see the entire staff with family (including Amelia’s new baby, Billy). On the far right is an elderly gentleman who carelessly wandered into the frame as the photo was being taken. Clearly a transparent attempt to be included in the cool crowd.


Josh toasted to our success as we all stared, wondering how long before he would be done so that we could begin eating.


Here we see Jon, Tien, Jodi and Matt pretending to have a good time, coincidentally just as a picture was being taken.


Mat discusses his life-long obsession with Underdog as Shannon, Kelly and Martholomew sit in awkward silence.


A small fire broke out, ruining several chairs and forcing us to stand. As we are endlessly creative, we turned it into a standing contest. Brad on the far right won, with his strong, manly legs.


Happy Holidays, from Loud Dog!

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