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Goodbye and Also Hello

By on Jun 19, 2007 in Loud Dog News

It is with sad and confused wishes that we say farewell to Annaliese, our Office Manager of over two years. She took her leave after winning $1,200 (before taxes) from a scratch ticket she found in the alley. “I plan to do all the things I never could,” said Annaliese, as she ran out the door. Those things include buying a three-gallon container of strawberry soda, handing out snow globes to the homeless, staying up past midnight and more. Good luck, Annaliese!

And as we wipe away the tears, new tears – tears of joy – appear while we welcome our new Office Manager, Haiba Hamilton. Haiba has over 70 years of experience, 30 of which were at her previous job managing NASA. That’s right, NASA! At least that’s what it said on her resume. We’re pretty sure she wouldn’t make up a thing like that. Other achievements listed include curing small pox, winning American Idol twice, performing an emergency appendectomy on Tom Cruise during a terrorist attack and punching her way out from the inside of a shark that had just devoured her. Awesome!

In her spare time Haiba likes to referee cock fights.

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