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How to use RSS to fulfill your news needs

By on Dec 19, 2007 in Personal Technology

RSS, (“Really Simple Syndication”) is an aggregated feed of web based content (news, blog entries, etc.) that, much like a news service such as the AP newswire, one can “subscribe” to.

RSS feeds can be read in web browsers, dedicated news readers, and in fact you’re already using RSS if you have a homepage at Google or Yahoo, as both get their news from RSS feeds.

Using RSS can be a real timesaver. Let’s say you visit, 5 tech news websites three times a day, one at a time in your web browser. Reading through all 5 sites may take 3-4 minutes or more if you find new articles. Using RSS, you will instantly know which websites have new articles and which don’t and you’ll also be able to see archived articles or entries. If you only visited the individual websites infrequently, you could miss content you may be interested in or if you visit too often you may get bored of seeing the same stuff.

Now, imagine that you want to keep track of 25 websites or more. RSS then proves invaluable as a filter for the Tyranny of Too Much information.

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