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Assisting EM-Assist

By on Aug 28, 2008 in Loud Dog News, Loud Dog Projects

In 1440 Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press – a milestone in printing technology. The printing process has evolved through the centuries, and in 2008 the potential of such technology was fully realized. Behold the EM-Assist marketing kit!

EM-Assist Marketing Kit

We hope you were sitting down for that.

What you see may look simple, but this piece of collateral is a sophisticated set of one-sheets, painstakingly handcrafted by Loud Dog using traditional methods–a laborious but ultimately satisfying process.

Using this kit’s intuitively designed hierarchy, potential customers and unsuspecting passersby can quickly reference EM-Assist’s philosophy, services and other information almost as quickly as the Internet would allow!


This kit was only a small portion of the collateral we produced for EM-Assist; as part of their rebranding we refined their logo and updated their corporate colors, designed business cards, letterhead and a new tradeshow booth.

We hoped they’d have need for some EM-Assist branded toiletries, but sadly the topic never came up. (Despite what you may hear, this is completely unrelated to the fact that through a complicated set of circumstances we recently found ourselves stuck with 60 cases of disposable razors.) Oh, what could have been.

Expect to see more from our team-up with EM-Assist when they relaunch their website later this year.

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