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Batch Processing Images with Fireworks

By on Dec 17, 2008 in Tutorials

Today I needed to manipulate a group of images to all look the same way. Well, I will not stand for simple and repetitive work – I will make the computer take care of the repetition, no matter how long it takes me to figure it out. I have a checklist of operations that I need to apply to each of the images. I want to give the computer this list, then point to the pile of images and say, “Go!”.

Luckily, Fireworks performs batch processing. Here is how to do it.

Gather the images you are going to process.


Open the first image in Fireworks, and be sure the History tab is open.


Start editing this image in the way that you plan to batch process all the images. You’ll notice as you perform actions, they appear in the History tab.


I resized, rotated, and applied a drop shadow to my image. I also used the “Fit Canvas” command (one of my favorites).


Once you are finished, select all your actions in the History tab (click on each while holding the select key). The click on the save button located in the lower right corner.


Name and save your command.

Close this image. Then open the batch processing dialog.


Find and add all your images. If you save your changes to the first image, don’t include it here or it will come out editing twice. Then click the next button.


Open the Commands list and scroll down to find your custom command previously saved and include it in the batch. There are plenty of predefined commands to use here as well.


Set you saving options and let ‘er rip.


Watch as the computer tirelessly does all your work for you. If you have a lot of images to process, now is a good time to go get a burrito.


When you come back, you’ll have a nice neat pile of processed images waiting for you.


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  1. Grant Barker says:

    Thanks for this useful tutorial!
    It will save a lot of time.

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