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Microsoft Listens

By on Mar 5, 2008 in Web Design, Web Engineering

Last month, I wrote a post effectively skewering Microsoft over their decision to make their forthcoming Internet Explorer 8 browser render websites by default as if it were the non-compliant IE7 and forcing developers to add extra markup to their sites to tell IE8 to render in standards mode. From my perspective as as web developer, and in the opinion of much of the web development community this decision seemed shortsighted and, as they say “bass ackwards”.

So, I was surprised and delighted to read last night that the Internet Explorer team have announced a shift in plans. IE8 will now render in standards mode by default and if legacy code must be accommodated, developers can add meta tags to enable either IE7, or IE6 rendering modes. This is fantastic news because it means that not only will standards compliance and the interoperability and innovation that it allows truly flourish on the web, but it will eventually make my job easier. And I’m all for that!

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