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We Have Not Been Arrested!

By on Dec 2, 2008 in Loud Dog Projects

When Tamara Thompson’s law firm (Thompson Legal Advisory) showed up at our door, we seized the opportunity to finally get legal advice on some issues that had been plaguing us at Loud Dog. Unfortunately neither Tamara nor her team wanted to talk about parking tickets or how to get our developer, Marty, out of prison. All they seemed interested in was discussing a redesign of their brand identity and website. A new office in London and more business opportunities in Europe made new marketing materials a priority. Sorry Marty.

Tamara Thompson

The goal was a cleaner, simpler site that confirmed Tamara’s credibility in the industry and supported her continuing international growth. Included in this, she wanted a new logotype – something that reflected the firm’s personality. Most of all, she wanted things to be blue. And so, worried that we might be otherwise arrested (again, we know very little about the law), we obliged. We even included a little widget for her team and clients to see where she was at, who might need to get in touch from overseas, so they could be sure to call and not wake anyone up.

So, if you or someone you know is in need of forming an entity, investing in (or getting an investment!), selling, merging, or acquiring something, visit the new and improved site, and give Tamara a call!

Hey! This wasn't written by a mob of kangaroos! It was written by , who does awesome work at Loud Dog, a digital branding firm in San Francisco that helps businesses express themselves authentically via identities, websites, and marketing collateral.

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