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Painting the town redHOT*

By on Jun 16, 2009 in Brand and Identity Design, Loud Dog Culture, Loud Dog News, Loud Dog Projects

Recently, we’ve had the privilege of working with a wonderful group of people at La Casa de las Madres, San Francisco’s leading voice against domestic violence. You may be familiar with La Casa’s work, or if you live in San Francisco, you may have seen their logo roll by on a Muni bus this month. Their identity is bold and smart, just like the women and men we’ve worked with on this project.

La Casa has been gearing up for their 3rd annual fundraiser this fall and asked if we would be willing to help them design their event’s identity. The event is planned to be a fun after-work affair in downtown San Francisco, and the identity needed to reflect this, without completely brushing aside the serious work that the event will support.
We worked through some brainstorm sessions with La Casa’s team to come up with a theme that would resonate with a wide audience, attract people to attend a fun party in support of a local organization, and hopefully to connect some new friends to La Casa and the work that they do.

Since La Casa’s brand color is a bold red, and domestic violence has been a hot topic in the media recently, we settled on the theme of a redHOT party – celebrating 33 outspoken years against domestic violence.

To complement the La Casa brand, we developed a simple, modern look for the event that engages the audience with bright color and typography, using an oversized asterisk to denote the cause that the redHOT party supports. The final event identity below has brought us many thanks from the folks at La Casa and we’ve had so much fun working with them on the project to date.

redHOT Logo

La Casa is just sending out their save-the-date emails this week and we look forward to supporting them throughout the summer with their event marketing. The redHOT party is sure to be THE event to attend this fall – so set aside Thursday, October 1 for a celebration of 33 outspoken years against domestic violence. We’ll be there.

Special thanks to our mutual friend for connecting us with La Casa de las Madres and the work that they do.

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