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Refreshing Mark Logic's Website

By on Nov 30, 2009 in Loud Dog News

Mark Logic offers a suite of infrastructure software for information applications. Using the innovative MarkLogic Server, customers like Harvard Business Press can quickly create new online content products to meet market needs, and content providers like JetBlue’s training organization can use applications they already know to push information out in formats that exactly meet the needs of specific employee groups.

So, the company rocks. And its savvy marketing team wanted the website to reflect that fact. Loud Dog partnered with the team to evaluate the site and provide a fresh design.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. We started the project by analyzing current site activity. We used heatmaps to find out what people were interested in, what they were looking for, and how they navigated the site. Discovering what people really used informed the design direction.
  2. We changed the homepage to make it simpler and cleaner. We highlighted the customer stories, testimonials, and case studies and gave CEO Dave Kellogg’s blog more prominence. (Dave is an avid blogger with a devoted following.) We also introduced imagery that added a human element to the site.
  3. We worked with their team to identify other opportunities for improvement. We lightened the look and feel, brightened the background, and gave the pages a classier corporate feel befitting the brand.
  4. Finally, we made it all happen with minimal structural programming (and minimal cost) by focusing on adjusting images and the CSS.

Check it out!


Old Mark Logic Homepage


Redesigned Mark Logic Homepage

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