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Loud Doggies Learn Revenue Marketing

By on Mar 16, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

I got knee deep in marketing and sales jargon last week when I attended Marketo’s Revenue Rockstar event. We have a client who relies on Marketo pretty heavily, so I wanted to learn more about this new marketing tool. Once I got past the cheesy Marketo mascot shaking our hands in the lobby and the charts showing ROI and marketing budgets, I was able to glean a few gems from the event.



First, some back story. Marketo is B2B marketing automation and lead generation software. What does that really mean? It allows companies to fine tune their marketing efforts to allow them to deliver top notch leads to their sales teams. How does Marketo do this? By giving customers the ability to heavily segment their campaigns and the information they collect about visitors.

Now this first point may seem obvious to some readers, but I didn’t have my AHA! moment until I heard one of the presenters, Debbie Qaqish, say it: “Today, marketing teams, rather than sales teams, are being held responsible for revenue.” Of course, this is why everyone should go out and sign up for Marketo’s services, but it also explains why there is so much emphasis on having a great marketing site, developing good SEO and SMO practices, and services like Indeed, “SFDC” (the industry shorthand for was the first marketing  I learned while supporting a different client’s marketing site. More and more, marketing is about sales and revenue.

The most helpful part of the program was the case study presentation by David Karel, VP of Marketing for Bizo, a B2B ad network. Karel walked us through his marketing teams experience with implementing an optimizing Bizo, showing us real data from their process. As someone who has not had any facetime with the product, it was a great way to understand how Marketo was going to help our clients.

Finally, Jon Miller, Marketo’s VP of Marketing, gave a very honest, thoughtful definition of lead nurturing: “The art of maintaining permission to stay in front of buyers as they educate themselves.” As with any sales pitch, this is a very delicate line to tow and I think “maintaining permission” is a great way to capture that relationship between sales guys and potential customers.

We will be working on integrating Marketo with a client’s current site (currently only using, so I need to interact directly with Marketo’s product. But as a newbie to marketing, particularly the technical aspect of marketing, Marketo’s Revenue Rockstar event was a great crash course in how Loud Dog’s marketing support services can help clients be more successful.

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