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Celebrating 35 Years of Transforming Lives

By on Aug 3, 2012 in Brand and Identity Design

La Casa de las Madres is a community organization in San Francisco providing refuge and support for victims of domestic violence since 1976. This year, La Casa is hosting a special celebration to commemorate its 35th year of service and the milestones accomplished with the help of its donors and supporters. Because La Casa only celebrates these milestones every five years, we wanted to help them make this one their best yet. The event is coming up very soon, on Thursday, August 23 at the Fairmont San Francisco from 6-8 pm. If you’d like to join us in supporting La Casa, get your tickets now and we’ll see you there.

Creating the event identity

Loud Dog partnered with La Casa’s board members and event committee to gain a better understanding of their goals for the event and the feeling we wanted attendees to take away from it. Working closely with them to define the event brand and document this in a platform, our approach to creating the event identity was similar to our process for creating company brands.

We created the brand platform using information gathered via an online survey of the event committee members, followed by a two-hour in-person personality workshop, where we brainstormed an aspirational celebrity representative for this event. This exercise helps stakeholders articulate their brand’s personality using public personalities who are mutually understood. The group agreed on Mary J. Blige for her bold, unapologetic presence, strong alignment with women’s charities, and her outspoken stance against domestic violence.

From the brand platform, we were able to use this foundational document to generate more questions, gather answers, and complete a written creative brief, which outlined the complexity of the issue of domestic violence through audience types and personas, as well as the audiences we want our message to resonate with at this event. Ultimately, we were looking for something chic and elegant that would appeal to community influencers.

The event identity uses the visual transformation of a solid red block into a flourishing red burst of growth to represent the effect that La Casa has had on women’s lives over the past 35 years, while also giving the event identity itself a chic and sophisticated feel, worthy of a formal fundraising reception.  The identity feels unique to this special event, yet also a part of the La Casa brand family.

La Casa 35 Years of Transforming Lives logo

Extending the brand to print and web

We recently got our printed invitation in the mail and are more than pleased with the way they turned out. Thanks to Donna at Precise Printing and Mailing for the lovely work on the invitations! It is especially nice to note all of the wonderful sponsors on the back of the invitation, as well as those listed on the event web page.

Invitation: celebrating 35 years of transforming lives

As with any fundraising event, La Casa’s sponsors play an integral part in making the event a success. A great event identity can help attract sponsors for your event. Just as with any brand identity, if a customer is trying to make a decision to spend money on a product, service, or event, and the brand gives that customer a feeling of trust, excitement, or intrigue, they are more likely to hand over their hard-earned cash in support of what you are offering.

Thanks to all the generous sponsors making this La Casa event possible. It is wonderful to be a part of the committee and watch it all come together. I hope to see some of you there in just a few weeks.

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