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Doggie Treats

By on Jun 21, 2012 in Loud Dog Culture

Check out the latest roundup of visual stuff that motivates and inspires Loud Doggies…

Jodi, our art director:
“I used to have a set of blocks that were similar to this in their look, but I did not use them for math class. Seeing this photo, I love the tactile quality that comes through. There is something so beautiful about their simple bar shapes and vibrant colors. I am reminded of data visualization graphics that are so popular today. They make me want to play with blocks again!”
Inspiration found here

Josh, our principal:
“I really like horizontal lines. So much of our work on the web is constrained horizontally that I like things that stretch it and open it up. This airplane wing forms an great artificial horizon, separating the ocean from the sky. The repeating lines that stretch the length of the wing reinforce the horizon. The second shot features hard horizontal lines obscured (but not hidden) by contrasting organic vertical lines, which give them a wavering feel.”
Inspiration found here and here

Emily, our account coordinator:
“The colors of the grass and the water in these photographs by Vincent Laforet took my breath away. By showing humans in such an impersonal way, these have a certain photojournalistic quality to them. Looking at the landscape or seascape from above is a gentle nudge that we’re all just teeny blips on the planet!”
Inspiration found here

Brian, our designer/engineer:
“Pretty sweet Toyota concept called the Cammette. It’s small enough to be driven by a kid, but it’s hella for the kid in you. It’s pretty much a big kid toy where you got McLaren F1 positioning style seats, interchangeable body kit parts (!), and extra set of driving controls so you can override your kids’ driving. It’s really a big toy and I totally want one. I wish they had big cars that had this minimalistic throwback look. Oh man!”
Inspiration found here

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