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Multidisciplinary Warriors Coding and Crafting

By on Sep 17, 2012 in Web Design

Designers who code, developers who talk to clients, project managers who design — what kind of sorcery is this?! Here at Loud Dog, we believe that understanding each branch of the design/development/delivery process is integral to any project. That’s why our team consists of multidisciplinary warriors crafting, coding, and constructing elegant solutions. Our team members may not be experts in all disciplines, but they do have a genuine, solid understanding of all of them.

When everyone involved in the project has an understanding of all aspects, the team can be really solid in these areas:

  • Collaboration. No working in isolated bubbles. The understanding helps departments to communicate ideas, advice, problems, and solutions. Pieces of a project are handed back and forth freely.
  • Flexibility. Teams can grow and shrink depending on the project. A jack-of-all-trades developer can design and build a site for a client or a full team can deliver the website. Working individually still requires others to step in with advice/assistance, but doing this can free up resources to work on other projects in parallel.
  • Upgraded Quality. Understanding how your work affects other departments allows you to carefully consider each piece you create. Designs are more thought out and more usable.
  • Boundary Breaking. Each department will be thinking of ways to push other areas of focus. Designers will be thinking of how can we do this cool, new dev thing and developers can think of how to build bigger, badder works of art. The potential and motivation to innovate increase with expanded thinking.

Jack of all Trades, Master of One

Specialization is still important. Multidisciplinary warriors still need to have assigned roles and responsibilities that cater to their strengths. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, they’ll be doing what they do best. However, they still need a solid understanding of the other disciplines to effectively communicate (or critique) ideas and enhance their own work.

Where to go from here?

You can be a multidisciplinary warrior too! Just look at tutorials and talk to experts in other disciplines on where to get started. Check out our article series on how get started as a web designer/developer. Just learn, listen, and be curious! You’ll have a deeper understanding of the processes and possibilities. Happy building!

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