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Saint Benoît Creamery Adds Milk!

By on Jun 7, 2012 in Loud Dog Projects

Saint Benoît Creamery is best known to Bay Area locals for its artisanal, organic, whole milk, French-style yogurt. Since 2004, Saint Benoît has fully embraced sustainability as a company, delivering their reusable and recyclable crocks in a Compressed Natural Gas delivery truck known to us as “Yogurt 1,” and always making their products from small batches of fresh Jersey milk from their local ranch in Sonoma County. In fact, these small batches of milk and the way they are able to carefully vat pasteurize it paved the way for a new product for the creamery based on the demand for an alternative to raw milk in grocery stores. Congrats to our friends at Saint Benoit Creamery on the launch of their newest product, Saint Benoît Organic Whole Jersey Milk.

Wanting to go see the milk for ourselves, we stopped by our local Whole Foods to find it on the shelf. And then we saw it again at Bi-Rite! How cool is that?

Working closely with Saint Benoît Creamery’s owner, Benoît de Korsak, Loud Dog designed the new labels for the milk to be complementary to Saint Benoît’s existing branding for its yogurt products, introducing some photography of the Sonoma region to differentiate it from the yogurt label’s look.

The glass bottle selected by Benoît for the milk is quite stunning. It has an old-fashioned look to it, right down to the faceted sides of the glass and its classic shape. It would make a great vase for flowers after the milk is all gone.

We love that Saint Benoît uses reusable packaging–their yogurt comes in ceramic crocks and their milk is sold in glass bottles. As you can see, we have quite the collection of yogurt crocks at the Loud Dog office! And if you aren’t a collector like us, the company offers a deposit refund for the container if you return it when you are finished. You can return it at the grocery store where you originally purchased their products, or at any of the local farmer’s markets that Saint Benoît attends.

We’re proud to have previously worked with Saint Benoit on their yogurt packaging and labeling. You can find their products at farmer’s markets in the Bay Area and at gourmet grocery stores throughout California. You can learn more about Saint Benoit products at

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