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Seeing MESVision® Through a New Lens

By on Jan 3, 2013 in Loud Dog Projects

Congratulations to everyone at MESVision on the launch of a new design for their homepage and members section of their website. MESVision is a vision insurance provider, with over 20,000 doctors in its nationwide network, and has partnered with Loud Dog since 2002 to develop its website and brand.

Loud Dog worked with MESVision to refine the site’s information architecture, select new corporate imagery, and refresh their overall brand with a new, compelling design. We’re excited to work with MESVision to roll out the new design to other sections of the site over the next year.

I sat down with Jodi Wing, Loud Dog’s Art Director, to get the insider’s perspective on the process and strategy behind this project:

Why did MESVision need a new website?

Patients are becoming increasingly aware of their choices as more information is available online. MESVision saw the need to update their site so that it had a more patient-focused message and tone, as well as a simpler interface that would be easy to use and understand.

What are some of the improvements on the new site?

The old site was utilitarian in its design and used language that was more technical and industry-focused. It was already established as a tool for MESVision’s various audiences such as doctors, HR departments, and insurance brokers. Patient benefits are now displayed by combining and simplifying information previously displayed across two different pages into one and making it easy for patients to understand their benefits, know how much they’re eligible for, and when they’re next eligible.

What was MESVision hoping to accomplish with the new site?

MESVision had two main goals. First, the patient site had stagnated over the years; this was an opportunity to give patients new tools and a site that’s easier to use to find participating providers, check benefits, check on claim status, and (soon) buy contact lenses. Second, they wanted to shift the market’s perception of their brand to one that was patient-focused and support sales by generating patient demand.

What was the inspiration behind the site’s look and feel?

The inspiration and creative thinking evolved over time, but the main focus of this site design was to showcase happy and healthy individuals and families that are a part of the MESVision system. The homepage uses subtle gradients and transparencies to give a feeling that light is passing through lenses, adding to the depth of the site.

How is it different to design for an insurance company?

The competition is fierce and always changing. MESVision’s main competitors turn out online content frequently, so it is challenging to stay current, as well as to differentiate the MESVision brand within the market. With the compliance rules in insurance, and secure patient information that must be safely guarded and carefully tested, the release cycle feels longer than it does in other industries. We’ve been excited to see this site go live for many months. The anticipation felt similar to waiting for Christmas morning as a kid!

What feature or aspect of the redesign are you the most proud of?

Beyond features and design specifics, I am most proud of MESVision’s internal team, who have all been with the company for many years. Their dedication to making the shift in their brand tone and personality is the true success of this project, and you can feel it when you visit the homepage and compare it to the previous version. They have taken a step as a company towards the brand they want to be, and I feel they are on the road to a successful brand alignment if they can keep up the consistent championship of it internally.

Did this project stretch Loud Dog’s abilities in some way?

LD’s engineering abilities were stretched (in a good way!) by the server environment. Over the last three years, our engineers worked with their engineers to design and develop a new Javascript codebase that allowed their site to support new features that weren’t possible before. The challenge comes when we have to establish new requirements for pages such as the Summary of Benefits page, which has many different vision plan combinations, depending on the member’s login information. Documenting and planning these requires a deep understanding of MESVision’s system, and a close relationship with their engineers.

What does this new site mean for MESVision patients and their online experience?

We hope that users find the site faster, more efficient, easier to understand, and all around more pleasant and friendly. We’ll be looking to collect feedback on the site, and review the analytics reports to see if this redesign increases engagement with site visitors. In addition, the new site is the first of a series of new features MESVision is planning to add for members, including a site to purchase discount contact lenses where members can use their benefits online at checkout without having to submit a claim on their own.

Check out the new site and let us know what you think. Congratulations to everyone at MESVision and Loud Dog who helped make this project a success!

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