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Learning Mobile Web Design at An Event Apart

By on Dec 21, 2011 in Mobile, Web Applications, Web Design

Loud Dog was at An Event Apart last week! If you saw some of my tweets, I was going to 11. An Event Apart features some of the greatest minds in modern web design. I attended the all-day workshop portion of the event, and the presenter, Luke Wroblewski, flooded my noggin with mobile web design gold. Mobile design is still young and growing fast. I want to share with you some of the concepts so that you may incorporate into your design practice and stay fresh.

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Four Reasons to Design a Custom Web App

By on Jun 13, 2005 in Mobile, Web Applications

SaaS solutions aren’t always faster, better, or cheaper than a custom solution. Here are four reasons why a custom-designed web app can be better than something off-the-shelf.

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