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Good design means more than looking good.

By on Apr 21, 2005 in Web Applications, Web Design

One of the most important challenges facing owners and managers in our user-centered world is moving design to the forefront of their company’s culture. Many decision-makers still think that design is about “making it pretty.” Companies with this attitude are shortchanging their customers and will be left behind as design-centric organizations continue to surge ahead.…

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Introduction to accessibility: what is it?

By on Apr 14, 2005 in Web Applications, Web Design, Web Engineering

We talk about usability a lot here at Loud Dog – it’s the foundation upon which our designs are built. Our philosophy is that attractive designs can be easy-to-use and usable designs can be attractive. We rarely talk about accessibility, however. I’d like to clarify what we mean by accessibility (versus usability), why it’s important, and how we can make sure our sites are accessible.

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