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By on Feb 14, 2011 in Loud Dog News, Loud Dog Projects, Web Design

Watch our spiffy video below to learn more about the technical, creative, and branding decisions behind the redesign of Warning: you probably won’t be able to get the song out of your head for at least a week– it’s that good.

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Abolish the Designer-User Disconnect with Click Tests

By on Feb 2, 2011 in Web Applications, Web Design, Web Engineering

There are many teams out there developing products from inside a box. These teams emerge from this box with a new product and say, “TADA!!…” And when they find out the people don’t like it, they go back into the box and try to make tweaks; rinse, repeat. It’s hard to find out what users…

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By on Oct 22, 2010 in Web Design

It’s official! We launched a refreshed version of to help support their marketing efforts at the ABA conference this week. We’ll be sure to follow this up with a more detailed post about the whole project, but in the meantime, check out their new digs online.

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Getting started as a Web Designer, Part Two

By on Apr 20, 2009 in Web Design, Web Engineering

In part one of this article, I focused on sharing resources for getting started in design for the web. Here, I’ll review how I learned the basics about code in order to enrich my designs and share the resources I recommend to learn about coding on your own.

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Artwork Semantics: Sensible and Fun for Everyone!

By on Apr 10, 2009 in Loud Dog Projects, Web Design, Web Engineering

When building websites, things like background gradients, tabs, and buttons often must be extracted from the design file and engineered in their own right in order to work correctly. In this article, Marty explains how to prepare your graphics file to make this easier.

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Deconstructing a CSS Hover State

By on in Tutorials, Web Design, Web Engineering

It’s often more efficient to use CSS and a customized graphic rather than javascript for common effects like button rollovers. Here, we break down how to design and build them.

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Getting started as a web designer, Part One

By on Mar 18, 2009 in Web Design

Recently, a friend asked me where she could take classes on how to become a great web designer. I’m often asked this question, and I don’t have a concise answer. I do, however, have some recommendations for how to get started on your own.

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Release early and often and achieve success

By on Mar 12, 2009 in Web Applications, Web Design, Web Engineering

Popular wisdom claims that if you’re building a web app, you should “release early and release often.” This is good advice, and what I’ve told clients before, but it’s not risk free, as some have discovered. Read on to see what I’m talking about.

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We Have A Portfolio!

By on Feb 25, 2009 in Loud Dog News, Loud Dog Projects, Web Design, Web Engineering

Once again, yesterday evening the strains of the sublime, transcendent keyboard riff of the “The Final Countdown” could be heard in the Loud Dog office as we officially launched the ummm… re-launch of the the Loud Dog website. Now with new, improved portfolio!

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Microsoft’s Missing Chromosome

By on Nov 14, 2008 in Brand and Identity Design, Web Design

Hell froze over the other day. Well, momentarily anyway. Steve Ballmer, in an apparent moment of befuddlement and rare “truthiness” seems to have opened the door a crack to the possibility that there’s something about open source that may actually not be a commie pinko plot.

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