Your company doesn't need a brand. It already has one.
Now, what are you doing with it?

When we’re talking about brands and branding we're occasionally asked, “Does my organization really need a brand?”

It’s a good question – a branding exercise is a major investment. But in the end, it’s also the wrong question. It's based on a false assumption: that a brand is something an organization can choose to build or not, and that choice is up to the organization.

The truth is that every organization already has a brand, whether they want it or not.

A brand is the combination of two things: an organization's reputation and its image. Every organization has a reputation, whether it's one they want or not. Every organization also has an image, sometimes slick and professional, other times an inconsistent jumble. Combine these two ingredients - inherent to every organization - and you’ve got a brand.

So, the question isn't whether you need a brand, or even want a brand.

The question is what you're going to do with the brand you've got. Do you know what it is? Do you know whether it’s working for you or against you? Do you want to play a role in defining it and growing it?

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